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The Morning Hype: Global Market Sell-Off, Musk Sends Tesla to Mars Today, and Uber/Waymo $1.8BN Trial Starts

  Looks Like We'll Be Heading into Day 3 of Mass Global Stock Sell-Off (via Reuters) Who's to Blame for Sell-Off? Bloomberg Says It's Way Overdue (via Bloomberg) T-Mobile Warns Users of a Phone Scam Over Mass Text (via Gizmodo) Today Musk Launches Tesla/Falcon Heavy Rocket into Mars Orbit, or Tries To (via The Verge) Samsung S9 Leaks in Purple (via Mashable) Bitcoin Lost Half of Its Value Over Just One Month (via Fortune) The $1.8BN Waymo/Uber Lawsuit Over Trade Secrets Starts Today (via Forbes) Best Buy to Stop Selling CDs, Target to Go ...

Posted on 6 February 2018 | 4:55 am

The Morning Hype: Ford Ups Electric Car Investment, Bitcoin Sell-Off, and the IPOs of 2018

  Bitcoin Slumps 20% Lowest Its Been in Over a Month (via Bloomberg) Washington Urges AT&T to Cut Ties with Huawei, Cites National Security (via Reuters) Government Shutdown Still on the Horizon (via MarketWatch) World's Fifth Largest Diamond Found in Lesotho (via Gizmodo) Ford Plans to Double Investment to Electric Vehicles, Spend $11BN (via The Verge) IBM and Maersk Partner Up in New Blockchain Company (via Fortune) What 2018 IPOs Are You Excited For? (via Forbes) Saudi Arabia Lifts 35-Year Movie Ban and Screens the Emoji Movie (via Mashable) Netflix Still Interested in Steaming on the ...

Posted on 16 January 2018 | 5:03 am

The Morning Hype: North Korea’s Hotline, Google’s Tax Shelter, and the ‘Bomb Cyclone’

  North Korea Gives South Korea a Call Before the Winter Olympics (via Bloomberg) Petrobas Agrees to Pay $2.95BN Settlement to U.S Over Corruption Lawsuit (via Reuters) SouthWest Gives Employees $1k Bonus, Cites Tax Bill (via MarketWatch) Report: Intel Chips from the Last 10 Years Have Major Design Flaw (via Gizmodo) Google Saved $3.7BN in Taxes in 2016, Still Using the Same Tax Shelters (via The Verge) Apparently Trump's Tweet Threat to North Korea Doesn't Count as Violating Terms... (via Mashable) Spotify Gets Slapped with $1.6BN Licensing Lawsuit (via Fortune) Hoda Kotb Replaces Lauer ...

Posted on 3 January 2018 | 4:53 am

Humble Brag: Amazon Breaks Down Its Record Holiday Season

photo credit: Amazon by: Jayson Derrick, Benzinga Staff Writer     As many investors had expected,, Inc. AMZN 0.41% rang in its biggest holiday season ever.    What You Need To Know Customers bought more than 1 billion items across the world fromThanksgiving through Cyber Monday, Amazon said in a press release. Small businesses and entrepreneurs who sell their products on Amazon's platform accounted for nearly 140 million items that were ordered. Amazon's own hardware products — including Alexa-enabled devices, Echo Dot and Fire TV Sticks — were ranked as the best-selling products from any manufacturer in any category across the ...

Posted on 26 December 2017 | 9:38 am

The Morning Hype: Apple Pays $15BN in Taxes, Google Go, and Mueller Requests Trump’s Deutsche Bank Records

  Mueller Requests a Look at Trump's Deutsche Bank Records (via Bloomberg) Lawsuits Come Down on Trump's Plan to Shrink Bears Ears for Drilling (via Reuters) GM's Stock Hits Fibonacci Golden Ratio, Investors Take That to Mean Something (via MarketWatch) Apple Finally Gets Around to Paying Ireland $15BN in Back-Taxes (via Gizmodo) Would You Watch A Tarantino-Directed Star Trek Movie? (via The Verge) Google Releases 'Google Go' For Slow Connections (via Mashable) Bill O'Reilly Gets Sued for Defamation from Former Accuser He Settled With (via Fortune) Facebook Releases Messenger App for Kids (via Forbes) NYC Will Be ...

Posted on 5 December 2017 | 5:17 am

The Morning Hype: Twitter’s Earnings Surprise, Brick and Mortar in the Worst Position Since 2008, and House Budget Vote

  House Plans Budget Vote for Tomorrow, Despite Republican Fears (via Bloomberg) Reuters Has a Special Report on Where Exactly Bodies Donated to Science Go (via Reuters) Twitter Sees Positive Earnings, Everyone is Freaking Out (via MarketWatch) Verizon Will Let You Stream 1080p for an Extra Fee (via Gizmodo) Daimler Launches Their Electric Truck Before Tesla (via The Verge) Microsoft Will Stop Making the Kinect, Probably Should Have Done That a Few Years Ago (via Mashable) Forbes List: Industries Hiring the Most College Grads (via Forbes) Record Number of Brick and Mortar Retail Will ...

Posted on 26 October 2017 | 5:02 am

Sandbox-Survival Game ‘Fortnite’ Gets PS4/Xbox Cross-Play By Mistake

  After some carefully worded statements from both companies earlier this year, it seems that Microsoft and Sony still aren't ready for cross-platform play. A PS4 gamer on Reddit first noticed the cross-platform play ability in Epic's survival-sandbox title Fortnite, as they realized that they were being paired off with players from outside their console ecosystem.   The feature didn't last long however, as an Epic spokesperson cited a "configuration issue", and disabled the function. There was no other statement from Epic on the matter, so it looks like it won't come back any ...

Posted on 19 September 2017 | 7:33 am

The Morning Hype: GM Recall, Americans Using Pet Medicine to Save Money, and We’re Using Less Energy Than 10 Years Ago

  De Blasio Wants to Tax Wealthy NYers to Fix the Subway, Go For It (via Bloomberg) Pharma-Bro Shkreli Convicted of Investor Fraud (via Reuters) Old Americans Are Scared of Money/Investing, Cool, Maybe We Can Stop Blaming Everything on Milennials (via MarketWatch) Americans Are Somehow Using Less Energy Than 10 Years Ago, Tell My Electric Bill That (via Recode) Healthcare Crisis in America is So Bad, People Are Using Animal Medicines (via Mashable) GM Recalls 800,000 Trucks for Power Steering Failures (via Fortune) First U.S Craft Brewery, Anchor Brewing, Bought By Japan's Sapporo ...

Posted on 7 August 2017 | 5:27 am