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Institutional Investor 2nd Annual
All-America Student Analyst Competition

Over 2100 students from 81 different colleges and universities across the United States have enrolled in the 2013-2014 All-America Student Analyst Competition and will compete for top honors in an Overall Category, three performance sub-categories and seven industry sector categories. Click here for more information about participating schools. Top performers and results of the competition will be featured in the May 2014 issue of Institutional Investor magazine and will be added to the ALPHASEAL Recruiting Database, where industry sponsors will have the opportunity to select summer interns and full-time hires based on their track records. The top 25 performers in the Overall Category as of 12/15/2013 are published below. Click on any heading to sort by the corresponding column:

Rank School Professor Student ID NBO VOL* Long Alpha Short Alpha
1Fordham GBARobert Fuest26641.28%0.34%0.71%1.21%
2Baruch College Zicklin School Bruce Kamich25080.81%0.77%0.32%0.02%
3Texas A&M University - CommerceKurtay Ogunc39742.71%0.56%1.28%0.00%
4Illinois Institute of Technology John Bilson29112.40%0.54%0.71%0.75%
5UT Dallas - MSFrank W Anderson32920.42%0.48%0.31%0.57%
6UT Austin - McCombsKelly Kamm22770.38%1.03%0.08%0.63%
7Northeastern UniversityEmery A. Trahan24560.20%1.06%0.19%-0.02%
8Molloy CollegeJohn Power32350.40%0.58%0.26%0.00%
9Brigham Young - UndergradBrian Boyer35240.60%1.01%0.33%0.00%
10SIU Edwardsville Econ-Fin ClubShrikant Jategaonkar39340.35%0.85%0.26%0.06%
11Baruch College Zicklin School Bruce Kamich24813.17%0.60%0.06%1.37%
12Tulane - Freeman School Clay Randolph32830.16%0.90%0.11%0.09%
13Florida International UniversityFlavio Carrillo33130.68%1.20%0.40%0.00%
14Baruch College Zicklin School Bruce Kamich25331.10%1.01%0.16%0.48%
15UT Austin - McCombsKelly Kamm22600.29%1.68%0.14%0.14%
16UT Austin - McCombsKelly Kamm22670.25%1.49%0.09%0.24%
17Fordham GBARobert Fuest28330.43%1.21%0.19%0.00%
18UT Austin - McCombsKelly Kamm22620.21%1.17%0.11%0.18%
19Penn State - SmealNo Professor35710.17%1.00%0.10%0.06%
20Fordham GBARobert Fuest28600.42%1.91%0.28%0.00%
21Cornell - JohnsonLakshmi Bhojraj7950.22%1.60%0.17%0.01%
22Fordham GBARobert Fuest28650.37%1.83%0.27%0.02%
23William Patterson UniversityPeter Caiazzo33460.31%1.16%0.29%-0.48%
24Florida International UniversityFlavio Carrillo8740.29%0.79%0.12%0.58%
25Columbia Business SchoolNo Professor44510.25%1.16%0.19%0.07%

Click here to see the full Top 100 listing.

* Volatility is measured as Standard Deviation of daily profits and losses of the portfolio from the entire time period the student has been active since 09/03/2013. Top performers in the NBO category have their Volatility adjusted to dampen the impact of upside volatility.